As a global entity, MolaJaya believes in imparting training to the crew to keep it updated and trained on any new tactics or needed marine rules. This ensures a keep informed crew on board. Moreover, regular trainings ensures :

- A well prepared crew that is capable of handling any emergency or crisis;

- The safety and profitable operation of the vessel; and

- Enhances the understanding of the crew about the mechanics and the ship in totality

The pre sea training programmes are government approved. MolaJaya deals with various kinds vessels. It is, therefore, essential to be understood that training for each vessel would be different.

With years of experience behind it, MolaJaya has the training material designed and updated to make learning efficient and realistic.

One of the most advantageous edge that MolaJaya trained marines have over others is the fact that veteran and currently sailing experts are associated with them and they help in imparting the most practical lessons of seafaring.