Technical Management

Undisputedly one of the most crucial services that MolaJaya provides is the technical support to its associates.

The Technical management aspect enfolds the overall vessel technical management domain.

Backed by a strong team with efficient technical know-how, the technical support team primarily includes marine engineers and skilled marine technical workers.

It should be noted here that the cargo vessels are of different types, capacity, make and design. Each difference in vessels comes with its own set of technical complexity.

Hence MolaJaya’s Technical management team is alert and thorough in assessing the kind of technical crew it provides to a ship.



The responsibilities of a Technical Management team extend much beyond the technical bit on ships. They include:

  • Industry specified Technical safety measure adherence
  • Constantly monitoring the ships’s or the vessel’s condition
  • Maintenance and repairs including the engine
  • Monitoring the conditions for apt cargo loading, preservation and unloading;
  • Dry docking

  • Constant vessel inspection for maintenance &
  • Technical Reports to be submitted to the ship owners.

The shipping industry is in constant need and look for mariners experienced in specialized cargo vessels like Chemicals, LPG & LNG. Oceanic has a track record of placing technical crews efficiently and quickly.