Ship Management


Our team of dedicated MJS Ship management professionals ensures that vessels in our care, being it owned or managed are operated in a Safe, Reliable and Efficient manner as per our SMS and Principals’ instructions.

We place great emphasis on the relationship and constant communication with our Principals to ensure we give them and their assets the best service possible.

We monitor the vessels performance through regular reporting from the ships by using the latest of technology and frequent on-board inspections. We ensure the Principals get the best value from their assets by ensuring they are maintained, surveyed and audited in compliance with flag state and international legislations.

Our Planned Maintenance System allows for cost effective planning of maintenance and purchasing of spares to avoid unnecessary off-hire and claims.

Our worldwide purchasing network is ideally placed to maximize leverage of our buying power to obtain significant discounts for our Principals. Equinox ship management also provides bulk carrier, LNG ship management, tanker, and commercial services.

Detailed running cost reports are prepared quarterly to ensure that Principals are kept fully informed of the operational condition and financial position of their assets and regular meetings are held with Principals to discuss both the technical and financial aspects of their vessel's performance.

We also provide a full range of Marine Superintendent services to Owners and Managers including but not limited to pre-purchase inspections, surveys, and technical assistance. Since we are strategically placed in Jakarta we can assist your vessels in the region on short notice.

Our customers can be assured that their vessels and cargo are getting the highest attention in our care.

Our Ship Management services are ISM accredited by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and the Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI).

We operate all our services under ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, and TMSA.

Ship Management is a vital part of Maritime traffic supervision and management.

Ship management begins once a ship is sold off a shipyard, which is where they are

created and later sold off. The domain of Ship management involves:

- Registration

- Ship management

- Ship management of foreign Vessels

- Issuing of visa to ships, entering and leaving ports

- Ship Management maintenance

- Technical Ship Management.


MolaJaya is a fully equipped organization that acts as a Ship manager to many ship owners, providing not just the core ship management services but much more. In the domain of ship management, a ship manager is a term that is used for the companies like MolaJaya, who are capable of overall ship management along with human resource management of the ships, pre-sea training of the crew, technical know-how etc. Oceanic provide services to vessels that are classified as

- Tankers or Bulk carriers
- General Cargo & Ro Ro
- and Container Vessels, Offshore vessels / Supply vessels

With 17 years of experience behind them, MolaJaya has been into Ship management for years now. One of the interesting facts of Ship management is the way companies work. For instance, once a ship is out of the ship yard, MolaJaya, as a ship management company, vies for the ship to be used for their businesses.

This is in lieu of a commission paid to the owners. The agreement may be for the overall management of the ship or this could a partial arrangement, wherein the Ship management company, Oceanic gets to take care of a part of the ship in terms of recruitment, or technical support or a bunch of other services as well. Ship Management is amalgamation of services that make up for the overall management of the ship. An efficient team to see through this aspect of the job is what makes the marine so interesting.